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Where to Find the Best Florida Citrus Fruit

Summer is usually the preferred season to visit Central Florida to experience an ideal holiday. But, if you want to experience many of its citrus-related charms, the best times to go there would be from October to May. Florida produces the finest tasting citrus fruit worldwide, and this is a very well-known reality. With its great climate conditions, ample rainfall, and good soil, Florida has the apparent advantage when it comes to the production of the top oranges as well as grapefruit in the market. The Indian River Citrus Area though is regarded as the best area for cultivating citrus. This area is situated in one of the leading states for growing citrus.

This region happens to be a strip of land that is narrow and approximately 200 miles down Florida’s eastern coast at about the midway point in the state. It was in the 1920’s when it has earned this reputation, and because it’s so important to growers in that area the Federal Trade Commission has prohibited using the “Indian River” term since long ago for any citrus that is not produced there. Oranges are also grown but the main crop has been grapefruit ever since. At present, approximately 75 percent of all grapefruit in Florida is harvested in this region.

Since this area is very flat, its water table is just 2 to 3 ft. deep. The water supply, along with the fact that the region gets rainfall of around 52 inches per year, makes it ideal to grow the fruit owing to its moisture content. The soil has plenty of calcium in addition to other minerals which are as well ideal for cultivating citrus fruit.

There are a number of factors that contribute to making the area perfect for the production of citrus fruit. However, perhaps the main reason it tops the rest of the areas in the state of Florida is that its susceptibility to the number one enemy of Florida citrus growers greatest enemy is very minimal. Winter freezes are able to wreak considerable destruction to the state’s citrus industry. However, the area of the Indian River has freeze protection that is built-in and this is due to the following reasons:

1. Closeness to the Gulf Stream. This area sticks out towards the Atlantic which is why it’s able to capture Atlantic warmth to a great extent while the Gulf Stream passes through from the Caribbean.

2. Seclusion from the cold weather emerging from the north. Because of the reality that the area is a far distance from the cold winter weather that sweeps down from the northern side, there is a better chance for it to survive these winter periods.

3. The flatness of this region. Every time cold weather gets predicted, Florida citrus growers are going to drive water into their orchards, and due to the flatness of the land, those few drops of water is going to supply sufficient heat throughout the night, increasing the temperature to as high as two to four degrees Fahrenheit.

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